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South India Shelters Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2002 as a Real Estate development company in Chennai with a vision to incorporate the most modern features and amenities at a reasonable price in our residential projects. Rich experience and confidence garnered from the past projects like architect designed independent bungalows, Commercial complexes and specialized projects like Glass House, Swimming pools gave us the necessary impetus to embark into development of multi storeyed residential projects armed with necessary expertise and better customer understanding. Our unbridled passion and genuine team effort has helped us in achieving our dream of "Turning Lands into Landmarks".

Our signature project S.I.S Meridian has been very well appreciated and acknowledged by our discerning clientele which encouraged us to launch more such residential projects. The company's core team has a potent mix of youth and experience. The planning and execution of every project is debated amongst the core think tank and suggestions are well taken which always have resulted in a rigorous quality control protocol backed up by a well balanced deployment of human resources to achieve optimum results.

Work Culture
Our work culture is one that imbibes growth, innovation and service at its core and creates an atmosphere for achievement. We believe our team should work with freedom, integrity, and affability to achieve its goals.

Our Mission
Our mission is to carve a niche in the residential and commercial property development that sets the benchmark for quality,integrity and honesty with our clients and buisness associates. Consistent endeavor towards creating an environment conducive to our employees and hastening the growth and prosperity of our business associates. Quality Craftmanship, courteous and transparent interactions with our customers to achieve their sustained delight.

1. To achieve unsurpassable quality in construction through rigorous inspection
2. To provide an efficient and enduring customer support
3. Project execution with nil deviation from standards and norms set by concerned authorities
4. To constantly gain knowledge and adapt modern techniques in construction
5. Maintain efficient human resource within the organization
6. To maintain consistent project delivery standards

Quality Policy

South India Shelters Pvt. Ltd. is committed to fulfill and enhance Customer satisfaction by consistently delivering the services on time and by meeting the agreed quality requirements.This will be achieved by strictly adhering to the quality management system and through continual improvement of system and processes.

Quality Objectives

1. Strict adherence to agreed project timings
2. Minimise wastage of construction material to 3%
3. Increase of annual turnover by 20%
4. Aim for zero customer complaints
5. Upgrade employee skills and awareness through training.


1. To achieve unsurpassable quality in construction through rigorous inspection
2. To provide an efficient and enduring customer support
3. Project execution with nil deviation from standards and norms set by concerned authorities
4. To constantly gain knowledge and adapt modern techniques in construction
5. Maintain efficient human resource within the organization
6. To maintain consistent project delivery standards


A life long contract with quality

We have always realised the utmost importance of Quality consciousness and Quality assurance as being a solid bedrock of our foundation and have constantly endeavoured to maintain the norms and standards in our day to day work right from the land aquisition stage till the final handing over of the apartments to our respected customers.

To strengthen our resolve to spread our quality consciousness to various other areas like corporate governanace , accounting and safety standards , We officially submitted ourselves to a rigorous and stringent ISO audit starting 2010, April and sussceesfully got accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards in the month of August 2010 with sincere and dedicated assistance from our eclectic employees. We have successfully undergone all the subsequent audits till date with flying colors which goes to prove that our contract with Quality is a way of life and a never ending process in our Company.

The following shall be the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of the company for taking up any/all activities on the basis of, preference required and practical feasibility, under the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy so as to comply with the above said statutory requirements.

1. Promoting education, including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children, women, elderly and the differently abled and livelihood enhancement projects and eradicating poverty and malnutrition (Promoting health care including preventive health care) and sanitation and making available safe drinking water etc..

2. Promoting gender equality, empowering women, setting up homes and hostels for women orphans; setting up old age homes, day care centers and such other facilities for senior citizens and measures for reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups;

3. Training to promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, Paralympics sports and Olympic sports.

4. Contribution to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the Central Government for socio-economic development and relief and welfare of the Scheduled Caste, the Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, minorities and women.

5. Rural development projects.

Luxury Apartments In Chennai, Reputed Builders in Chennai


Mr. A. Mohamed Ali, M.S
Managing Director


Leadership, Flexibility, Risk management, People skills and a strategic Vision. In this competitive corporate environment a Managing Director is required to have all of these skills and more. "Management is not about trying to know everything, but about knowing where to find the expertise when you need it".

After completing his M.S. from Bits Pilani, he has constantly strived to achieve excellence in the field of real estate development and over the past decade he has been involved in various residential projects, commercial complexes and industrial structures. The rich experience achieved has resulted in greater knowledge base and invaluable expertise to counter the modern demands of the Real estate industry.

A Competitive corporate environment has never affected his sincere commitment towards social responsibility that has postitively impacted the lives of people around him and making a difference where it matters the most.These sincere humane endeavours of Mr.Mohamed Ali and his family has been honored with a 'Real Leaders' award during the Indian Realty Awards-2013 organised by Hundred Communications in association with NDTV Profit.

Mr. A. Ghulam Hussain, M.B.A
Director (IT & Administration)


Mr. A Ghulam Hussain is a person known for his versatility armed with a world of knowledge in various fields. Starting his career in Hotel industry, he has experience ranging from exponentially expanding Travel Industry , Satellite Technology, Information Technology and Satellite Television Broadcasting to name a few. A true multi Linguist who has traveled around the world and brings with him rich street smart experience for the betterment and advancement of the company.

Mr. A. Najeeb Hussain, B.Com
Director (Finance & Purchase)


A strict disciplinarian with a stern demeanour is responsible for maneuvering the company on a path towards the success that it has been achieving. He contributes as a wonderful think-tank for the company and his ideas have met with great results for the company time and again. Apart from his corporate brilliance, he is also well known for his philanthropy, his kind heart and his enduring passion and love for animals and their wellbeing.

Mr. A. Nawaz Hussain, M.B.A
Director (Sales & Marketing)


Being a live wire, young and energetic person, Mr. A Nawaz Hussain brings along with him a mix of youth and potent experience. Having initially started his career in marketing, he subsequently moved on to the IT industry. With a solid knowledge base achieved from 6 years of successful career in a leading IT company, he has taken on a new demanding and challenging role as Director incharge of Sales & Marketing in the company.



Township Project

S.I.S Luxor


S.I.S Meridian
Velachery, Chennai

S.I.S Danube
Pallikaranai, Chennai

Fathima Matriculation School
Saidapet, Chennai

Residential Bungalow
Saidapet, Chennai

Residential Bungalow
Neelankarai, Chennai

Beach House
Kottivakkam, Chennai

Residential Flats
Vepery, Chennai

Residential Bungalow
Arumbakkam, Chennai

Row Bungalows
Uthandi, Chennai

Residential Bungalow
Alwarpet, Chennai

Residential Flats
Velachery, Chennai

Residential Bungalow
Anna Nagar, Chennai

Beach House
New Beach Road, Chennai

Commercial Building



  • Mr. Mahadevan, Flat No : C-510, S.I.S SAFAA

    Mr. Tariq
    I had to move into our Apartment in a hurry and the flat was made available as planned with all the required facilities, given the short notice to him. Everything else was just a call away and got everything in just a call with Mr. Tariq. Customers are treated with so much of care and their needs are fulfilled within few hrs. I truly appreciate all the work ethics displayed by Mr. Tariq and his management style to keep everything within his control. Excellent professionalism, wish I can learn from him on how to manage such a big team :).

    Satish and Jaffer
    Sathish and Jaffer were so much helpful and always had time to listen to me. They are very energetic and hard workers and always takes any requests anytime and get it completed on time. Very dedicated team of members who are contributing to the best customer experience. Kudos to them!!!

    Securities and Maintenance Team
    Security and Maintenance team of members are always respectful and I'm feeling secured in their presence.

    Overall, my experience has been tremendous so far and the quality of life I've enjoyed is wonderful and secured due to SAFAA Staff members. A Big Thank You from me and my family to YOU and SAFAA staff for making this happen. THANK YOU!!!

  • Mr. Kesavan & Hema, Flat No : C-504, S.I.S Safaa

    We, Kesavan & Hema(SIS SAFAA Block "C504"), writing this letter to appreciate your staffs for their excellent services that they have rendered to us. We would like to appreciate your skills in communicational abilities and the insights regarding the building construction, due to which we are highly satisfied.

    We are particularly writing to express our gratitude and recognise your talents and potencies. Having a professional, dedicated and sincere staffs like Mr. Tariq, Mr. Jayaraman, Mr. Jaffar and Mr. Sathish, is indeed a positive addition to your company.

    We are highly impressed to see our completed apartment as per our wish without our personal presence.

    Thanks for every effort made to fulfill our dream come true.

  • Mr. Murthy Chandrasekaran, Flat No : B - 311, S.I.S Marakesh

    Right Investment:
    First to start with the selection of Builder/ Apartment, i would like to quote that 'After my Analysis on the right Builder to invest, My only Option was SIS'. Yes, i really liked the way of Projection by SIS Team(Sasirekha) about the Location, Building Elevation, Amenities and the maintenance after Hand Over. As of now, i strongly agree that the words are Kept up by SIS to its standard.

    Project Updates:
    Continuing with the feedback on 'Updates & Suggestions from SIS team during Work in Progress'. I still remember the day i spent with the SIS Team regarding the discussion on the changes or suggestions in the Floor Plan of my Flat. It was really dealt in the best way that the Client will understand the suggestion and advice regarding the plan. Few changes requested were made in a remarkable manner.

    House Warming & Hand Over:
    I am pretty sure that the House Warming Ceremony would never be a great successful one without the SIS Team. Though i was not able to be in India during the Housewarming Ceremony of my flat, the team (Mrs. Sasirekha, Mr. Nizam, Mr. Aseel, Mr. Balaji and Mr.Ram) took utmost care for the function and helped in all the ways they can. Regarding the Hand Over, though it was delayed(Acceptable in a Huge number of Flats) the hand over was upto the mark and its standard. Really appreciate the updates on delays and their hard work to prioritize the hand over.

    Finally i strongly believe that the 'Land has been turned into the Landmark'. I am also happy to let any new clients know about my feedback, if needed.

  • Mr.Thyagarajan, Flat No : A-628, S.I.S Marakesh

    At the outset please accept my congratulations for the excellent workmanship displayed at the site. I have booked the flat without visiting the site based on the feedback given by my friend. I could visit the site with my family only last week and found the quality of work to be excellent. I have bought 3 more flats from various other reputed builders and none of them matched the quality of work displayed at SIS Marakesh. Well done and keep it up! I will strongly recommend S.I.S for my friends and hope to buy a flat in your upcoming project.

  • Mr.Mohammed Abdul Azeem, Flat No : A-105, S.I.S Safaa

    I really appreciate the excellent service provided by Mr. Tariq & Mr. Sundar during the handover of my apartment.

  • Mr.S.Anand, Flat No : A-111, S.I.S Safaa

    My experience with SIS has been 'excellent'. Highlight being their 'reaching out' tendency. The staff (barring one odd case - even where the action has been immediate from SIS end) are very courteous and pro-active. Most of the times 'our' interest is taken care by their approach. This provides with a very warm & personal touch to the entire business.

  • Mr.Ramasamy Kannan, Flat No : A-313, S.I.S Safaa

    The services and hospitality extended are appreciated and expect such cooperation continues in the future also.

  • Mr.G. Kulothungan, Flat No : A-401, S.I.S Safaa

    We Appreciate The Service Of S.I.S Administration In All Levels

  • Mr.S. Vittal & V. Kalavathi, Flat No : A-502, S.I.S Safaa

    My wife and myself first bought a flat at SIS MERIDIAN, while booking what was the price told by you (your brother and MD Mr. Mohd. Ali), you gave it to me for the same price and now it’s fetching me rent almost equal to my EMI.Then, by god's grace we booked another flat at SIS SAFAA and it was handed over on time. At that time we wanted a major change on the north east corner Mr. Sarwar Hussain and Mr. Tariq took lot of trouble and did that change, the entire bathroom and toilet plumbing has to be changed.

    We let it out to bachelors and they vacated last month. Then with Mr. Tariq's guidance we got a company who showed interest in taking it as a guest house and wanted us to furnish the house and give possession on 19th of August 2013.We decided to stay in the flat from 14th August (first time we are staying overnight after house warming ceremony on 26th Jan 2012,) and have to make ready lot of work including painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc. In the middle Aug 15th was a holiday too. Mr. Tariq and his team (of which one of the members is Mr. Sundar), did an excellent job and sent enforcement whatever we asked within minutes (I mean it, and I am not exaggerating) and we finished the job successfully on Sunday 18th and I gave a SMS to the company people the flat is ready and you can come and inspect and occupy. They came on 19th morning, immediately Okayed and took the keys. Everything went accordingly in a professional way. The four days stay was a pleasure with business done.

    I thought, I would share it with you, and I would not be wrong to mention that I could not have met the schedule without the excellent support of Mr. Tariq and team. Please convey my regards and best wishes to them.If a builder cares for his clients even after nearly two years of handing over, I am sure the client would not go to any other builder and god willing to continue to strengthen the relationship.

  • r.S. Vittal & V. Kalavathi, Flat No : A-502, S.I.S Safaa

    We are impressed by after sales service attitude of the entire team. That gives the impression; you don't just work for money. At this point out the excellent, rapport maintained by Mr. Sarwar Hussain and I also remember Mr. Ramesh. The belief we have in Mr. Mohamed Ali and his family Members , that they would start the project only when all the approvals are in place is strengthened day by day. Hope they maintain it for the years to come and in future projects. Good luck. God willing and if our purse permits, we would love to associated in the future projects.

  • Ms.Mythili, Flat No : A-506, S.I.S Safaa

    All the staff was very cordial and extended their support. I can’t ask for more. Well done.Hope in future I will buy some more properties from SIS. All the very best for your future endeavors.

  • Dr. Dhinakar Logesan, Flat No : A-513, S.I.S Safaa

    Thank you for the services provided in completion of my Flat no: A513. Though I am residing in Oman, I was impressed by the services offered to me with a smile. On no occasion was there any bad behavior from any of the staff. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  • Mr. Neelam Govindan, Flat No : A-514, S.I.S Safaa

    In my opinion, SIS is good value for money. The service provided as well as agree to do the customer needs in time, is a good professional approach. All layouts are well laid down with good airy as well as feel of an individual house feeling.

  • Mr. P. Murugesan, Flat No : A-601, S.I.S Safaa

    As you aware that I am living in QATAR and have bought a flat in “SIS SAFAA -A-601” in 2010. Last week, I have visited SAFAA after 6 months and was impressed as follows:

    1. Landscaping and housekeeping is excellent. There are enough workers to clean the common area and maintaining very well.
    2. Any outsider entries have been well controlled by Security.
    3. Uninterrupted 24 hours power and water supply.
    4. Good common facilities like GYM, Swimming pool, lawn and children play area.
    5. "B flat" have also handed over to clients as per schedule.
    6. Good progress in construction for C and D flats.

    In overall, I am justified and satisfied that I have bought a Flat from genuine and reliable Builder (SIS-SAFAA). Even, I have recommended to my colleagues as well and more than 10 of my colleagues have bought the flat from SIS SAFAA. I wish and hope that you will keep up the good work to satisfy the clients as per your promise.

    Finally, I like to appreciate to Tariq & his team for their excellent commitment, dedication and sincerity to satisfy the clients.

  • D. Ravi & V. Anuradha, Flat No : A-707, S.I.S Safaa

    Good work and efforts by SIS staff. Keep the flag flying high. My sincere thanks to Mr Nawaz Hussain,Mr Tariq and Mr Jayaraman. Every one at SIS has helped in every stage of construction. Special mention needs to said about Mr Sarwar Hussain who helped us in making some changes in the flat plan, which has made a huge impact in lifting the flat outlook.. Once again our thanks and best wishes to the team SIS for making our sweet home and a real sweet home.

  • Lavanya, Flat No : A-708, S.I.S Safaa

    The people who are working are friendly and I like the team effort.

  • Mr. Ramasubramanian, Flat No : A-710, S.I.S Safaa

    Good Team work and excellent coordination

  • Mr. Raja Reddy, Flat No : A-811, S.I.S Safaa

    Very happy to have a SIS SAFAA Branded flat. People are very nice and co-operative.

  • Mr. R. Kaliraj, Flat No : A-910, S.I.S Safaa

    I would like to thank Mr.Ramesh (Sales & marketing) and Mr.Balaji (Flat supervisor) and other SIS team members supported for the timely delivery of my flat (A-910) with Quality.

  • Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar, Flat No : A-703, S.I.S Safaa

    I would like to thank you and your team for the great support and quality of work in completing our apartment 703B in SIS Safaa. You and your team especially Gautham was very supportive and took care of even small changes/issues which we reported. On the Grahapravesam day, we had everything which we requested for and the arrangements were good. Also lot of our friends and relatives who came for the pooja was praising SIS for the quality of work and materials used. They were very impressed with this project. Few of them were also enquiring about Block C availability. I would again like to thank you and team for your support and hoping our association would continue in future.

  • Mr. Venkatesh Naganathan, Flat No : A-706, S.I.S Safaa

    Good work and very friendly staff... Special thanks Gowthaman to get the place cleaned up and make all the arrangements on the Housewarming date... Overall it is good experience with you guys.... I'm in Singapore and I felt as if I'm in Chennai seeing the progress of the work..... My dad once in a while visits the flat and every time he says they are doing well and they have kept their promise.

  • Mr. Ali Basha, Flat No : B-614, S.I.S Safaa

    We are very much proud to be one of the owners of a flat duly constructed by your esteemed organization. We have taken the position of our Flat B - 614 S.I.S SAFAA very smoothly. We thank you very much for your entire team of SAFAA especially MrTarique Pasha and Mr.Balaji from whome we received the maximum support.

    We are very greatful to you for providing to have a house at chennai. We whole heartedlypray Almighy Allah for every success in your ongoing projects and to emerge as a Pioneer in Condtruction field with the Blessings of Almighty ALLAH, Insha Allah.

  • Mr. Idress YN, Flat No : 415, S.I.S Danube

    Heartiest Congratulations on receiving CNBCs Consecutive Best Property Award, 2008. Your teams passionate perseverance in constant construction of dwelling units with a specific significance on continuous quality improvement paves the way to many more feathers on your cap. Team - SIS deserves it.

    Strengths: It is indeed appreciable right from selection of location, & unique name (which is acceptable by all), planning & designing facilities and services with a fine architecture, execution of construction with quality materials; obsequiousness to listen, analyze and implement valuable suggestions & even criticisms for constructive purpose, irrespective of its origin and so on.

    Opportunities: The open and frank appreciation (name a few wrt., setbacks, inter and intra distance among various service/ comforts, 24hrs power and gas supply, garbage chutes, playing and recreational zones, and compatibility to all age group, free from commercial interferences and so on) which arises from visitors viz., friends and guests of SISs dwellers make us much more contended, enhances our ecstasy and last but not least make every one Proud. A word of mouth which comes as natural and sincere, acts as a very strong publicity tool at free of cost irrespective of ongoing economic and market fluctuations.

    It is very much obvious from each and every corner of the building, scientific planning with practical usage with out compromising quality, aesthetics, norms or ergonomics. The hallmark of this construction is taking into consideration and giving utmost importance for every individuals requirements and even to their latent needs and wants, which is in general, not explicitly demanded by the users. No wonder, SIS -A Dwelling Marvel.

  • Mr. A. Aravind, Flat No : 418, S.I.S Danube

    It is my pleasure to record here my appreciation of a relationship that began as a buyer of a product offered by SIS.

    About two years back, my son, A. Arvind, wanted to invest in a flat in Chennai. As my son and his family live in Canada, it fell upon us, his parents, to hunt for good property. We were very clear that the adjective good not only referred to the immovable property in terms of location, price etc., but also to the PEOPLE who built it. Our search ended with SIS.

    We were satisfied with the property when we visited your maiden venture Meridian in Velachery; but it was the inter-action with your people at Meridian that confirmed our choice of builder. The thoughtfulness in incorporating small details that would ensure and enhance the quality of life offered to those who would live there endorsed our decision and we are very happy to have remained with that decision and went ahead to book a penthouse apartment in SIS Danube in Pallikaranai-Medavakkam.

    The courtesy we were accorded while the construction of the flat was in progress has reflected a high work culture and ethics. It has remained so long after the completion of the project. Thank you SIS and Mr. Nawaz Hussain for making the buying of a property a pleasurable experience.Best wishes for your future ventures.

  • Mr. V.V. Ganesh, Flat No : 205, S.I.S Danube

    Being an NRI, it was really a blessing that I bought my property in SIS DANUBE. The whole construction process was well planned, flawless and regular updates on internet, excellent customer relationship. I have no fear in recommending to anybody to buy in sis properties. All the best.

  • Mr. Sankar Raman, Flat No : 109, S.I.S Danube

    My experience with SIS is cherishing. Whenever I was looking for clarification, SIS gave a patient hearing to me and try to accommodate to my satisfaction. The employees of SIS Danube was very courteous and was always willing to listen and help the customer. This is truly amazing. I would recommend SIS for their future projects to my friends circle.

  • Mr. Ashok Kumar, Flat No : 328, S.I.S Danube

    While I was looking for a world class quality flat, I saw the SIS Meridian. I was impressed by the finish and quality of the apartment. Instantly I booked a flat in SIS Danube. The Promoters did commendable job of completing the SIS Danube with innovative features and modern amenities. Now SIS Danube stands as a landmark of that area.

    Thanks and appreciation to the SIS management for their leadership, commitment, service and support. Well done! Keep it up!!!

  • Mr. Kannappan, Flat No : 214, S.I.S Danube

    SIS staff are highly professional and easy to approach. Their commitment and work completion is above my expectation always. I dealt with them for 2 properties in last 4 years. Very good customer service, flexible and quality of work compare to other builders I have seen so far.

  • Mr. Ganesan, Flat No : 310, S.I.S Danube

    I found SIS to be a very professional and courteous builder. I was impressed with their work on bypass road (where my cousin owns an apartment) and decided to buy an unit in SIS Danube. I am proud to own an unit in SIS Danube for its high quality of work, appealing design (in both interior & exterior aspects), amenities and location. They engaged an architect to directly work with customers in deciding certain design aspects during construction. The customer service has been excellent and they made it easy for NRIs like me with regular email updates on construction progress and followed-through actively on questions.

  • Manjula, Flat No : 409, S.I.S Danube

    Danube - as the name stands for river's geographic landscape, which has inspired several artists, bringing together nations, so as "South India Shelters' for Shelters with excellent landscape, inspiring structures, bringing together communities with luxury and class.

    We are privileged to be your client. I wish you and your team a great success , to accomplish more such projects and add more and more awards to your collections.God bless you all for the wonderful services.

  • Bala, Flat No : 307, S.I.S Danube

    We have bought an apartment in SIS Danube, and from day 1 of our interactions with SIS we have been very happy with the responsiveness, flexibility and the customer focus that you have given to us. Everyone in SIS were very professional and friendly, and explained each and every step of the entire buying process, which greatly helped us. We also appreciate the total transparency in pricing, and are very pleased with your honesty and integrity - qualities that I am sure will take SIS to greater heights.

    We were able to customize our apartment to our personal taste, and you have delivered a wonderful high quality apartment as per your commitment. I have to highlight that small small issues, even after we moved in were also addressed to our full satisfaction, and it showed your team's commitment to customers like us. We can't thank enough the SIS team for their great help and support.

    The entire apartment complex looks and feels like a luxury resort with more amenities than promised, and we have a five star ambience which makes us very proud owners.We would like to thank you and the entire SIS team, and we invite you to come to our home and share the happiness!!!

  • V. Rajagopalan, Flat No : 208, S.I.S Danube

    On the eve of the completion of SIS-Danube, I would like to congratulate you and your team for getting us a beautiful structure, with all the amenities that the present generation is looking for and by the way adding another feather on your cap. At this juncture, I would like to share my experiences with SIS as a client and would like to express it in few words below. I am an NRI for nearly 20 years, having worked in different parts of the world and presently working with an American Multinational company of repute in Dubai (UAE) for the past 2 years. We were earlier living in Mumbai for 25 years, before we decided to shift our residence to Chennai in 2006. Due to high cost of real estate on those days, it was really difficult to find an accommodation in Chennai with all modern facilities within our budget. Every effort to locate one had failed, though we tried every builder in the town for nearly 6 months, leaving us clueless as what to do next.

    At this juncture, we accidentally met your Project manager, Mr. Sarwar Hussain at SIS, Meridian, who proposed us to take up a flat in SIS, Danube. He explained us various advantages in SIS, Danube and insisted that we should visit the site, before rejecting his proposal. Initially we were reluctant to buy a flat beyond the city limits, but our site visit, his convincing words and pleasant manners have resulted in believing him, resulting in a fruitful relationship with SIS.

    We are so happy with the way we have had the relationship with them during the construction of SIS, Danube that has culminated in our decision to buy another flat in their recent project, SIS, Safaa. We are also confidently recommending them to our friends and relatives and assure them of SIS quality, workmanship and price.

    We take this opportunity to wish SIS management and staff all success in their endeavors and expect that they continue their good work and extend their hospitality to their clients.

  • Saravanan Devasigamani , Flat No : 122, S.I.S Danube

    SIS is one of the best builder in the Chennai city who are reliable ,committed, talk less and do more for their clients. I have personally witnessed the same for my own apartment in SIS Danube. Their biggest plus is the relationship they maintain with their customers, which is very cordial, friendly and accommodative at all times.I wish them all the very best for all their future projects.

  • Guru Sundaram , Flat No : 101, S.I.S Danube

    I take this opportunity to thank every individual in SIS who was involved in building my apartment. The first thing that comes to my mind while talking about SIS is that the management has taken into consideration and built every aspect of the project as though they are going to live there. This has been reflected in their adherence to Quality and Amenities that were provided. The SIS team came up with lots of suggestions when I had some customization to be done and were very flexible in helping me to choose the best ones.

    I believe that the builders are very transparent and have delivered what was promised to me. Anytime, when I think of buying a property, SIS would be my preferred choice.I wish SIS best of luck in their future projects and will certainly recommend people to buy from them. Wish you all the best SIS & Team

  • Sathish Kumar , Flat No : 9P(East Block)

    We never thought that owning an apartment would be so simple. SIS Meridian team made it possible right from the day we made our first site visit to the day we moved in to our completed apartment. What is amazing about SIS team is their professional approach, commitment and the dedication towards the customer satisfaction objective. I thank the entire team for giving us our dream home and would like to reiterate once again that this was one of the finest experiences we ever had... Thanks


Outstanding Concrete Structure 2014

Outstanding Concrete Structure 2014

S.I.S Acropole, a first of its kind project for its sheer size and ambience themed on the Greek Grandeur in Trichy, has been blessed with the “Outstanding Concrete Structure " award by the Indian Concrete Institute ( ICI ) in association with Ultra Tech Cements Pvt Ltd and the award was received by Mr. Mohamed Ali, Managing Director at Pondicherry.

Mr. Suresh, Chairman, Indian Concrete Institute -Puducherry Chapter, quoted as follows: “I am very sure that S.I.S is going to set a new era not only in Trichy, but in the entire real estate Industry of India with your project S.I.S Acropole"

It is an honour that makes us all brimming with pride and happiness!

The credit goes to the Management for their unflinching vision in making the Project an Iconic landmark that would define the skyline of Trichy for many generations to come. Further credit goes to the entire Acropole team and the support team at the Head office for turning the management’s vision into reality with their hard work and dedication come what may. We tip our hats to them!

Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) is one of the leading professional bodies in India, catering to the professional needs of individuals and organisations involved in Concrete. It is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to the cause of disseminating Knowledge on concrete, to Promote concrete Technology and construction and to address the research needs of concrete. ICI is focused towards advocating the concept of sustainability in construction practices and many of ICI events are focused on achieving sustainability through innovative materials.ICI identifies, recognizes and rewards the experts in the field of concrete for their contributions to the development of concrete technology and concrete construction.

Best Residential Development India 2014 - 2015

Best Residential Development India 2014 - 2015

We were elated and proud to be amongst the winning companies of the Prestigious International Property Awards for the year 2014-2015, Asia Pacific regional competition under the category “ Best Residential Development- India “ for our resplendent project S.I.S Marakesh at Urapakkam - Chennai , built with a first of its kind unique Moroccan theme . We had successfully competed against a number of developers in the region to receive this recognition. Successful entrants were invited to attend a high-profile gala and presentation dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 9th of May, 2014, where the official Awards Ceremony were held and we received the prestigious level of ‘ Highly Commended’.

Stuart Shield, President of the International Property Awards, says, “It never ceases to amaze me how competing companies from the Asia Pacific region continue to raise the bar even higher every year. The commitment to excellence they demonstrate in every aspect of their profession represents the very essence of these awards.”

The Asia Pacific Property Awards are a part of the long established International Property Awards and the The award winners’ logo awarded by them is recognised as a symbol of excellence throughout the global real estate industry. Attaining one of these coveted awards is indisputable evidence that South India Shelters Pvt Ltd is capable of outperforming some exceedingly strong contenders within the highly competitive Asia Pacific property arena.

Mr.A.Mohamed Ali, Managing Director says: “It has been quite an honour for our Company to be associated with the reputable and respectable organisation like “The International Property Awards” and win recognition and accolades for our projects at the Asia pacific as well as at the global level consistently which no doubt acts as a catalyst to constantly evolve and carve a niche for ourselves in the Real Estate Industry”.

Later this year, the highest scoring winners from the Asia Pacific Property Awards will compete against other winning companies from Europe, Africa, Canada, the USA, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Arabia to find the ultimate World’s best in each category. The Asia Pacific region has an enviable record of achievement at international level, having scooped an unbeaten total of 18 World’s Best Awards in 2013.

The judging panel consists of approximately 70 professionals including Lord Caithness, Lord Best, Lord Courtown, Fiona Nixon, Chairman of the Australian Institute of Architects; Patrick Grove, Co-founder of IPGA Ltd; and Peter Bolton King, Residential Professional Group Director at RICS.

Brands Academy Real Estate Awards - 2013

Brands Academy Real Estate Awards - 2013

Mr. Mohamed Ali, Managing Director , South India Shelters Pvt Ltd , received the award from the India's most esteemed journalist , Padma Shri Vinod Dua at a glittering ceremony held in New Delhi!

Sobha Developers, Godrej Properties, Raheja Developers, Puravankara Projects Ltd., CP Kukreja Associates, Antriksh Group, Sowparnika Projects, Prince Foundations, Ruchi Realty Holdings, Realty Invest Mart, South India Shelters,Provident Housing were amongst key winners! New Delhi, India. December 20, 2013

Brands Academy, one of Asia's leading brand management and consulting companies, organized the Brands AcademyReal Estate Awards in New Delhi, India, to felicitate some of India's most powerful brands, exceptional individuals and innovative businesses from the Real Estate and allied industries that have achievedexcellence in customer service and developed innovative ways to carve an emphatic identity for themselves.Padma Shri Vinod Dua,one of India's most esteemed journalists,who is also a renowned political commentator, election analyst, television producer and director, was the chief guest at the gala ceremony. Mr. Dua gave away the prestigious awards to the winners,which included prominent real estate developers like Sobha Developers, Godrej Properties, Antriksh Group, Orbit Corporation, Shamit Buildcon, Puravankara Projects, Sowparnika Projects & Infrastructure, Provident Housing, Prince Foundations, Ruchi Realty Holdings, Asvini Foundations, Kent Constructions, South India Shelters, Neptune Ventures & Developers and Stepsstone Promoters. In the individual award categories, the winners included names like Mr. Navin Raheja and Mr. Nayan Raheja from Raheja Developers and Dr. KV Satish from DS Max Properties, Chennai. Among the winners there were several prominent Architectural and Interior Design Firms including CP Kukreja Associates, Synergy Corporate Interiors, Karigar Kreation Architects, GM Designs & Contracts, Creative Circle, Monnaie Interior Designers, JW Consultants, The Interiors, SDESIGNS, Dormak Interior and G.M. Arch.While BlackBerry Overseas and OCENO won awards in Real Estate products categories, there were several real estate consultancies that won awards in their particular geographies including Realty Invest Mart, Property Junction Realtors, Intown Realtors and Shubhkamna Properties.

According to Mr. Vinod Dua,"The real estate industry is one of the key elements of the Indian economy as it not only creates employment for millions of people but it also is the source of substantial revenuesfor the country.Brands Academy Real Estate Awards have brought the movers and shakers in the Indian real estate industry together onto an excellent platformto showcase their achievements.This brilliant concept introduced by Brands Academy will surely motivatethe players in the industry to do even better in the times to come!"

The Real Estate Awardsgala ceremony was conducted at Hotel Radisson Blu, Dwarka, New Delhi, one of the fastest emerging 5-star hotels on North India. Key decision makers from India's leading real estate development companies, suppliers, service providers andtrade media gathered to celebrate the achievements of the best performers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Vice President, Brands Academy Pvt. Ltd., said,"Brands Academy Real Estate Awardshave been instituted not only to honour the best performers but also to empower the end consumers so that they can make an informed choice about their real estate investment decisions. With dedication to customer satisfaction and quality of services and products being the core evaluation criteria, I can say with confidence that our awards will emerge as the most authoritative real estate awards in the years to come."

To select the winners, Brands Academy commissionedyear long market research study and opinion surveys. Spread over the whole year with more than 100 field executives who surveyed many upcoming real estate projects across India as 'mystery customers,'Brands Academy also conducted opinion surveys amongst the end consumers included but limited to home buyers, real estate investors, real estate agents, suppliers, real estate media and industry experts to gauge the popularity and perceptions about the participating developers, projects, products and services providers and authenticate the facts gathered in the market study. The primary objectives are to identify,acknowledge and offer befitting recognition to the pursuit of excellence, innovations and best practices of the winners that lead to their exemplary performance. The Brands Academy Real Estate Awards highlight the crucial role that their dedication to customer satisfaction plays in ensuring their long term success in view of the extremely competitive and ever-evolving scenario in the real estateindustry in India.

"The very reason for promoting excellence in the real estate industry is to encourage the participants to showcase their achievements and inspire others on how they can improve, grow, while continually striving for perfection in their sphere of operations.Brands Academy Real Estate Awardsare based on comprehensive profiling of the brands, quality of their projects, products or services and the consumer perception amongst several other key criteria,"concluded Mr. Kumar.

About Real Estate Awards
Brands Academy Real Estate Awardsare offered to brands/companies/products from the Real Estate and allied industries as an exclusive honor in recognition to their contribution towards the promotion of excellence in their sphere of operations. Brands Academy Real Estate Awards is the celebration of achievements of powerful brands, exceptional individuals & innovative businesses from the Real Estate and allied industries that have excelled in customer service and developed innovative ways to carve an emphatic identity for them. For more information, please log on to

About Brands Academy Pvt. Ltd.
Brands Academy is one of the top brand management consultancies in India that offers a plethora of branding services including design and development of brand strategy and brand architecture, brand name development, market research and implementation of brand positioning and brand repositioning campaigns to corporate, start-ups and NGOs. Brands Academy's extensive experience in corporate branding extends into several industries spanning both consumer and business to business (B2B) domains. Brands Academy has a client list of over 70 companies and a portfolio of over 120 brands. As one of the leading branding companies in India, Brands Academy team has the requisite hands-on experience in development and management of brands that are successful and leaders in their own segments.

Project of the Year - 2013

Project of the Year - 2013

South India Shelters Pvt Ltd is extremely proud to bag the “Project of the year-2013” award for their project S.I.S Acropole in Trichy.

The award was received during the premier Indian Realty Awards 2013 -Newsmakers of the year, organized by Hundred Communications, a boutique publishing house saw the crème de la creme of the society come together at The Lalit, New Delhi. Two exclusive coffee table books, Indian Realty Year Book and Real Leaders were also launched by Bollywood stars Chitrangada Singh and Soha Ali Khan along with Olympic Medalist in Boxing, Vijender Singh, who also gave away the awards. The awards were hosted by The Lalit with NDTV Profit as the TV partner, as the online partner and was powered by Trade India.

The award was received with much pride and happiness by Mr. A. Nawaz Hussain, Director.

The nominations for the awards were judged by a panel of professional jurors whose collective knowledge of the Real Estate Industry is noteworthy. The awards ceremony was attended by the doyens of the industry like Tata Housing, DLF, Prestige group, Godrej properties, Sahara Group to name a few and it was a real proud moment for the company to share the dais with these eminent representatives.

Real Leader - 2013

Real Leader - 2013

Mr.A.Mohamed Ali, Managing Director, South India Shelters Pvt Ltd was conferred with the "Real Leader" Award honouring his and the entire family’s sincere humane endeavours and their positive contributions to the community.

The award was received during the premier Indian Realty Awards 2013-Newsmakers of the year, organized by Hundred Communications, a boutique publishing house saw the crème de la creme of the society come together at The Lalit, New Delhi. Two exclusive coffee table books, Indian Realty Year Book and Real Leaders were also launched by Bollywood stars Chitrangada Singh and Soha Ali Khan along with Olympic Medalist in Boxing, Vijender Singh, who also gave away the awards. The awards were hosted by The Lalit with NDTV Profit as the TV partner, as the online partner and was powered by Trade India.

The award was received on behalf of Mr.A. Mohamed Ali by Mr. A.Nawaz Hussain, Director.The awards ceremony was attended by the doyens of the industry like Tata Housing, DLF, Prestige group, Godrej properties, Sahara Group to name a few and it was a real proud moment for the company to share the dais with these eminent representatives.

Asia Pacific Property Awards - 2011

Asia Pacific Property Awards - 2011

South India Shelters Pvt Ltd., has once again proved its excellence by winning an award in the category of "Best Developer Website" for the project S.I.S Acropole located at Trichy based on the transparent, accurate, seamless and user friendly information provided in the Project's website and for effective implementation of various modern interactive tools developed in-house.

The award ceremony was held at Shanghai hosted by International Property Awards in association with Bloomberg Television & Google. International Property Awards is a well known and active player in the real estate industry, has set a path in identifying quality high flyers in the residential as well as commercial categories around the world and year after year have succeeded in identifying the very best of the best real estate Companies across the globe with the help of panel of professionals whose collective knowledge of the property industry is second to none and unsurpassed by any other property awards company.

It is highly pertinent to note that the Company has won an International Property Award for the fourth consecutive year.

Asia Pacific Property Awards - 2010

Asia Pacific Property Awards - 2010

The winners of the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2010 in association with Bloomberg Television was announced during a glittering Gala Dinner Ceremony at The Langham Hotel in Hongkong on 16th of April, 2010.

South India Shelters Pvt Ltd., yet again proved its excellency by winning the award in the category of "Best Architecture ( Multiple Units ) for our project S.I.S Safaa at urapakkam and the award was received by our director Mr. A. Nawaz Hussain.

The event was part of the International Property Awards, the world's most prestigious competition dedicated to finding the best real estate company across the globe. Winning the award this year around makes it an hat trick of Awards for us which gives the right fillip to constantly best ourselves in our efforts to make a quality and meaningful contributions in our offerings.

Click here to see the winners of the International Property Awards

Needless to mention that the Nomination entries were judged by a panel of professionals whose collective knowledge of the property industry is second to none and unsurpassed by any other property awards.

Click here to see the Judges Panel of professionals for this Award

Asia Pacific Propert Awards - 2009

Asia Pacific Propert Awards - 2009

There’s positive, upbeat news for the property profession this week as the results of the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2009 in association with CNBC Arabia have been revealed. Rightly proud of its success, South India Shelters Pvt. Ltd is delighted to announce that it has won an award in the category of "Best Residential Development". Winners will be invited to attend a high profile gala dinner at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore on July 16th where they will be presented with their awards.

The event is part of the International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious competition dedicated to finding the best real estate professionals across the globe. The fact that South India Shelters Pvt Ltd has won one of these coveted awards is a sure proof that Real estate companies from India can not only compete but also triumph within the highly competitive Asia Pacific property arena.

Later this year, top scoring winners from the Asia Pacific Property Awards will compete against other winning companies from Europe, the UK, Europe, the Americas and Arabia to find the ultimate World’s best in each category. Last year, the Asia Pacific region scooped no less than five World’s Best awards – an amazing feat and one which the property industry will be watching with interest to see if it can be matched or even beaten in 2009.

Entries were judged by a panel of professionals whose collective knowledge of the property industry is second to none and unsurpassed by any other property awards. Chaired by Eric Pickles, chairman of the Conservative Party, this year’s judges included Ben Wood, industry head, property markets of Google UK; Peter Bolton King, group chief executive of the National Federation of Property Professionals; Imtiaz Farookhi, chief executive of the National House Building Council; Christopher Hall, president elect of FIABCI; Wilhelm Harnish, Master Builders of Australia (MBA); Thijis Stoffer, International Consortium of Real Estate Agents Association (ICREA); Helen Shield, editor-in-chief of International Homes magazine and Gillian Farr, head of design of Laura Ashley Home.

Asia Pacific Property Awards - 2008

Asia Pacific Property Awards - 2008

The results of the CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards 2008 have just been revealed and South India Shelters Pvt Ltd is delighted to announce that it has won an award in the Category of Best Property - India. The Award will be presented at a glittering gala dinner to be held at the Marina Mandarin in Singapore on 20th July, 2008.

The fact that South India Shelters Pvt Ltd earned one of these coveted awards is a sure proof that Real estate companies from India can not only compete but also triumph within the highly competitive Asia Pacific property arena.

Entries were judged by a panel of professionals whose collective knowledge of the property industry is second to none and unsurpassed by any other property awards. Chaired by Eric Pickles, British Shadow Secretary of State, this year’s judges included Helen Shield, editor-in-chief of International Homes magazine; Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents; Phil Spencer, property expert and presenter of Channel 4’s Location and Relocation TV shows; Imtiaz Farookhi, chief executive of the National House Building Council; Christopher Hall, past president National Association of Estate Agents; Wilhelm Harnish, Master Builders of Australia (MBA); Thijis Staff, International Consortium of Real Estate Agents Association (ICREA); Santiago Herreros de Tejada, SIMA; Kirkor Ajderhanyan, French Real Estate Federation (FNAIM); Graham Norwood of the Daily Mail; David Hoppit, property writer; Paul Wyatt, head of design for LYCOS UK; Geoff Cohen, design director at Aukett Fitzroy Robinson architects; Jill Keene, editor of International Homes magazine; Diana Yakely, chairman British Interior Design Association; and Tad Zurlinden, Association of Relocation Professionals.

Cityscape - 2009

Cityscape - 2009

South India Shelters Pvt. Ltd once again has made India proud by adding another feather to its cap :

The company bagged a prestigious Cityscape award for Asia's best residential built -2009 category for its project S.I.S DANUBE on may 19th, 2009 at Pan Pacific hotel, Singapore and was received by Mr. A. Ghulam Hussain, director of our company. The award ceremony was attended by many doyens of the real estate industry.

It is highly pertinent to mention that this award was clinched against stiff competition from developers based in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India and won for its unique and exclusive design with eye catching intricate and ornate elevation with resplendent amenities.

Please find below the link to all the award winners for Cityscape 2009

Star On the Horizon

Star On the Horizon

Our constant striving for customer satisfaction and unflinching determination to achieve quality in our projects has been rewarded with an award "Star on the Horizon" from "The Builders Information Bureau" the organisation who are responsible for publishing the premium Real Estate monthly magazine "Real Estate Observer". The Award was presented by H.E. Tejendra Khanna , Lt. Governor of New Delhi on 23rd of October, 2007.



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